Inspired by the spirit of the Star And Shadow Cinema, we first started organising and promoting shows in 2006 for friends and local musicians in the North East and then eventually for national and international turns the following year. AGOP is a one man plan, with help from friends and movers ‘n’ shakers along the way.

Here’s a lil’ interview we did w/ Kit Records


To date, we’ve had the pleasure of organising shows for the likes of

Heatsick, Molly Nilsson, The Space Lady, Helm, Jesse Rae, R. Stevie Moore, The Rebel, Vindicatrix, Country Teasers, Wanda Group, Basic House, Apostille, Yong Yong, Please, Richard Dawson, YGREC, The Wharves, Das Boton, Lobster Priest, That Fucking Tank, Cleckhuddersfax, Bear Bones Lay Low, Euros Childs, Simon Joyner, The European, Phat Trophies, Le Singe Blanc, Tonstartssbandht, Group Rhoda, Totem Recall + loads more!


Euros Childs w/ Stuart Faulkner at The Mining Institute 10/12/15

The Rebel w/ Zahnpasta Bros & Bartholins Glands at Culture Lab 6/12/15

Apostille w/ Pentecostal Party Goa Flashbacks at OPH 3/12/15

The Space Lady w/ Melting Hearts & Bartholins Glands (DJ) 17/10/15

Limmy’s Daft Wee Stories at The Mining Institute 04/08/15

The Rebel w/ Zahnpasta Brothers & Charm Offensive at The Northern Charter 08/05/15

Yong Yong w/ Weedscapes & Ego Death at the Mining Institute 15/05/15

Design A Wave, Wilt Wagner & Totem Recall  at the SAS 27/03/15

Ygrec, Perfume Garden, Wilt Wagner Radium Jaw & Yeah You at the SAS 29/11/14

Ravioli Me Away w/ (the) Zahnpasta Brothers + DJs at the SAS 12/09/14

Jesse Rae w/ Pentecostal Party & Zasso Fukei at the SAS 23/08/14

The Family Elan, Skull Mansions, Pentecostal Party + more at the S&S 06/07/14

Group Rhoda w/ Apostille, Wilt Wagner & DJ Mariam Rezaei at the S&S 27/04/14

The Space Lady w/ Wilt Wagner & Pentecostal Party at the S&S 10/04/14

Wanda Group, Posset, Dawson-Davies: + DJ Popular Radiation at the S&S 14/12/13

Heatsick w/ Yong Yong & DJ Opal Tapes at The Northern Charter 7/12/13

Euros Childs w/ Zahnpasta Brothers at the Star And Shadow 23/11/13

Les Cox Sportifs w/ Belchsingersonggrinder at the Star And Shadow 28/09/13

Yong Yong, Bear Bones Lay Low, Chicaloyoh & Other Fires at the S&S 24/08/13

The Wharves w/ Silver Fox & St James Infirmary at the Star And Shadow 09/07/13

Tonstartssbandht w/ Skull Mansions (debut show!) + The Most Cruellest 24/05/13

Vindicatrix w/ Basic House & James Joys at the Star And Shadow 11/05/13

Group Rhoda w/ Wilt Wagner & Totem Recall at the Star And Shadow 26/04/13

Simon Joyner w/ The Horse Loom & Hapsburg Braganza at The Lit & Phil 05/04/13

Helm w/ Basic House & The Cankles + DJ Richard Dawson at the S&S 23/03/13

Jaakko Eino Kalevi + DJs at the Star And Shadow Cinema 23/02/13

Golden Grrrls w/ Silver Fox & Sex Hands at Morden Tower 21/02/13

Apostille w/ Basic House (debut show!) & Wilt Wagner at the Star And Shadow 15/11/12

Phat Trophies w/ The Cankles & Tracners II at Morden Tower 01/11/12

Deep Time w/ Sacred Paws & Silver Fox at the Star And Shadow 19/09/12

Euros Childs w/ Adam Stearns & The Wellgreen at the Star And Shadow 8/09/12

R. Stevie Moore w/ Silver Fox & St James Infirmary at the Star And Shadow 04/06/12

Ben Butler & Mousepad w/ Galaxians & Betamaxx at the Star And Shadow 18/05/12

Tonstartssbandht w/ Lobster Priest & Morgellons at Morden Tower 15/05/12

Molly Nilsson w/ Rhodri Davies & Man With Feathers at HBCP 16/02/12

Euros Childs solo piano show at The Lit & Phil 19/12/11

Group Rhoda w/ Cath & Phil Tyler + Trancers II (debut show) at Barkollo 12/12/11

Le Singe Blanc w/ Big Fail (debut show) & Beauty Pageant at The HOS 04/12/11

Heatsick, Design A Wave & Totem Recall at Newbridge Studios 22/10/11

Spin Spin The Dogs w/ Early Man & St James Infirmary at The Head Of Steam 14/08/11

R. Stevie Moore w/ Richard Dawson & Imperial Cosby at the Star And Shadow 08/08/11

Les Cox Sportifs, Richard Dawson & Waskerley Way at HBCP 30/07/11

Cleckhuddersfax, The European & Eyeballs at Morden Tower 15/07/11

Bastardgeist, Hapsburg Braganza & Adam Parkinson (House Show) 26/05/11

Harry Merry w/ De Box Motifs & DJ Clunkie at the Star And Shadow 20/05/11

‘Blue Veils & Golden Sands’: Delia Derbyshire film screening w/ live music from Jamie Allen & Will Scrimshaw, Adam Parkinson & Aromatic Spice at the S&S 27/04/11

Please, Beards & Design A Wave at the Star And Shadow 19/03/11

That Fucking Tank, Buzz Aldrin & Colourful Mountain at the Star And Shadow 02/03/11

Something Stupid For Valentine’s Day (A discs and duos special) ft. The Rebel, Way Through & Isambard Kingston Brunel at the Star And Shadow 12/02/11

The Sexual Objects w/ Lebanon Hanover + France & The Habsburgs 12/11/10

Please, Gummy Stumps & Lobster Priest at the Star And Shadow 18/06/10

Euros Childs w/ Sweet Babboo & Milky Wimpshake at the Star And Shadow 05/11/09

Country Teasers w/ Les Cox Sportifs & Stink Taps at Morden Tower 07/03/09

Simon Joyner w/ School Of Language & DJs at the Star And Shadow 21/11/07

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