Heatsick, Design A Wave & Totem Recall at Newbridge Studios 22/10/2011

Photos courtesy of A Glimpse Of Paradise / Melissa Osborne

Molly Nilsson w/ Rhodri Davies & Man With Feathers at Hey Baby Chief Panda

Harry Merry tour fun (London, Manchester & Newcastle) May 2011

TONSTARTSSBANDHT w/ Lobster Priest & Morgellons at Morden Tower 15/05/2012

House show w/ Bastardgeist, Hapsburg Braganza & Adam Parkinson (May 2011)

Euros Childs solo piano show at The Lit & Phil, Newcastle (Dec 2011)

Cleckhuddersfax, The European & Eyeballs at Morden Tower (July 2011)

Phat Trophies w/ The Cankles & Trancers II at Morden Tower (November 2012)

Please, Beards & Design A Wave at the Star And Shadow

Simon Joyner in Newcastle. November 2007

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